IQRF DNS server is provided by the MICRORISC s.r.o. and is intended as a replacement of the The Dynamic DNS server for IQRF Ethernet gateways. It allows users a remote connection to an eqiupment (within Internet) without knowing current public IP address of the equipment. If the equipment is configured and local redirection is set properly it is possible to use the IQRF DNS names instead of IP addesses of the equipment in web browsers - see the example below. The only thing what the user should know is the MAC address of the equipment. The same approach can be applied also in case of the GW-ETH-Tool program. Fof details see the GW-ETH Tool Help. In following explanation the MAC address 001FD5010203 and IP address are used.

IQRF Ethernet gateway GW-ETH-01
Registering the equipment in the IQRF DNS server database

The GW-ETH-01 client sends this command automatically and regularly (if this is activated in the GW setup) which keeps a record of MAC address of the equipment and corresponding IP address (for remote GW connecting) in the server database. The server responds with public IP address which the command was sent from. Thus, the equipment finds out its public IP address in the format:
Current IP Address:

Request for IP address

The http client of the GW-ETH Tool program sends this command to find out the IP address assigned to given MAC address in the server database. The server returns the result in the format:
Requested IP Address:
If the MAC address is not found in the database the server returns:
IQRFDNS Message: Reguested device is not registered.

Connection to the equipment - redirection

The command is intended to be entered to the www browser for connection to www interface of the GW-ETH-01. The server finds requested ID (MAC address) in the database and redirects it to assigned IP address. The GW must have set and activated the IQRF DNS server as the DDNS.

If requested ID is not found the server returns:
IQRFDNS Message: Reguested device is not registered.

If there is no answer from the GW after redirection the server returns:
IQRFDNS Message: Device is not responding. It is either offline or its IP address has changed. Try it again after xx:xx min.